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Senior Citizen Investment Plan

Prepare a solid Senior Citizen Investment Plan with EldersWealth

Golden years are the precious years of one’s life. Be it self-employed or salaried, everyone wants and deserves a comfortable and peaceful retirement. But to maintain a stress-free post-retirement life, you need a solid Investment Plan.

One that consists of Investment Schemes for Senior Citizens such as corporate fixed deposits, post office FDs and RDs, Post Office Monthly Income scheme, RBI savings bonds, Senior Citizen Investment Scheme, mutual funds, Bonds & NCDs, Annuities, etc.

EldersWealth aims to help senior citizens live their dream retirement by assisting them in taking the best financial foot forward and recommend Best Investment Plans for Senior Citizens. We offer a wide range of Investment Options for Pensioners from post office schemes to reverse mortgage.

Mutual Fund: One of the Best Investment Plans for Senior Citizens and an investment vehicle that invests in a basket of securities such as stock, bonds, debt papers etc. These combined holdings are commonly known as ‘portfolio’ and it is managed by a professional fund manager.

Bonds: EldersWealth offers high-security debt instruments – bonds, for investors who are looking to invest in relatively safer investment option than stocks. These can be the Best Investment for Seniors who have low risk appetite and prioritise safety of capital over growth.

Corporate FDs: Here we offer a range of Corporate FDs of different institutions, tenures & interest rates. Interest rates offered by Corporate FDs are relatively higher than bank FDs and therefore it can be a good Investment Options for Pensioners with moderate risk appetite

Alternative Investment Funds: A non-conventional investment avenue that puts money primarily in real estate, private equity or hedge funds. Since these funds have no correlation with stock or debt market, investing in them can diversify your portfolio and also mitigate market risk to a great extent and thus make the Best Investment Plan for Seniors with high net worth

Portfolio Management Service: Professionals build a model portfolio, with handpicked securities and products , depending on individual’s requirement so that your financial goals are met in the most seamless manner.

Market linked debentures: Market linked debentures are the structured products offering attractive payoffs for the term ranging from 15 to 48 months and should be part of Senior Citizen Investment Plan

ULIPs: Unit Linked Insurance Policy (ULIP) is a unique product that offers a combination of insurance and investment. A part of the premium is allocated for providing life cover. The rest is invested in equity, or debt asset class which enables the policyholder to earn market-linked returns.

Apart from these investment options, there are special Investment Schemes for Senior Citizens which cater only to the golden agers – SCSS Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, a government backed scheme for the golden agers (senior citizens) of India which aims to offer a regular income flow along with safety and tax benefits for retirees or anyone over 60 years of age. One can open a Senior Citizen Savings scheme Account online or by visiting the bank.

There are various investments for senior citizens such as bank fixed deposits and RDs, corporate FDs, Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS),post office schemes, NPS and mutual funds.

Some are low-risk fixed return options like post office schemes, FDs, RDs, SCSS, etc. while others are relatively high risk but high return options like mutual funds, corporate FDs etc. It is better to build a senior citizen investment plan combining multiple options.

EldersWealth has categorised Best Investment Plans for Senior Citizens in two categories

Investment Options for Regular Monthly Income

(Investment products or instruments which can provide senior citizens with regular cash flow, & fulfil senior citizens’ day-to-day expenses without making a dent in the savings or depending on someone else’s hel)

Investment Options for Growth

(Instruments through which senior citizens can build growth-oriented portfolios and accumulate wealth over the years. These options can help the retirees earn inflation-beating returns.)

Recurring Deposits , Fixed Deposits & Corporate FDs

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

National Pension Scheme (NPS)

Mutual Funds



What is the best investment for a 60 year old?

It is difficult to name one Best Investment Plan for Seniors as an ideal Senior Citizen Investment Plan consists of combination of multiple options.

How can a senior citizen save money?

Bank Fixed Deposits and recurring deposits are good options for Senior Citizen Savings. Senior citizens can also consider starting an SIP in mutual funds to save small amounts on periodic basis. 

Where should I put my money after retirement?

SCSS – Senior Citizen Saving Scheme is a smart option to invest in after retirement. It is not only easy to start a Senior Citizen Savings Scheme Account but also the highest return generating instrument for investors above 60 years, thus SCSS is one of the Best Investment Plans for Senior Citizens

Which scheme is best for senior citizens?

There are several Investment Schemes for Senior Citizens available in the market today. It is prudent to take help of a financial advisor or expert like EldersWealth, to pick the most suitable and Best Investment for Seniors.

What is a reasonable rate of return after retirement? What are Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Interest Rates?

Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Interest Rates differ from scheme to scheme. However, a lot of institutions offer higher interest rates for elderly people as compared to their other offerings for investors of other age groups.

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