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4 Steps Retirement Planning with EldersWealth

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So, why do you need a retirement plan?

Retirement plans ensure you have a fixed regular source of income after retirement and financial security when you stop working.

Here are some of the major benefits:

Financial Independence in your Golden Years

Improved returns and inflation adjusted cash flow

Secures future for self and dependents

Better taxation benefits

Safeguards your assets and passes on your legacy

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Why Choose EldersWealth?

EldersWealth is probably the only company in India that focuses exclusively on post-retirement life.​

EldersWealth is probably the only company in India that focuses exclusively on post-retirement life.

We recognize the critical nature of the retirement phase and offer services and solutions to this end.

Comprehensive Services​

Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive services are centered around adequate health, wealth and time management to ensure that you enjoy your golden years to the fullest.

Holistic Financial Solutions

Within the broad spectrum of investment management, we offer solutions that cover all your financial needs.

Debt/Fixed Income products

We offer a variety of debt products and can guide you through making the best-suited investment decisions.


Only financial services entity with an exclusive focus on senior citizens:

Hence, we understand the needs of this part of one’s life like no other and formulate services and solutions accordingly

Extensive Offering

Our comprehensive offerings, spread across the realms of wealth, health and time management services, ensure that you enjoy your golden years to the fullest.

Holistic solutions for your financial needs

We do not confine our services to just one aspect of investment management. We offer solutions that encompass all your financial needs starting from Investments, risk coverage to financing needs.

Varied debt / fixed income products:

We offer a variety of debt products and guide you in selecting the most suitable investment option to help you achieve your financial objectives without hassles.


The second innings of retirement can be one pleasant journey.

Your best days are yet to come... let us be your guides!

Get the right advice from our financial experts.

We are happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions

Retirement planning is a personal matter and your retirement plan is all about you. As life expectancy increases, retirement planning becomes more necessary. In addition to ensuring a regular income, retirement planning also assists with medical emergencies, achieving life goals, and becoming financially independent. If you are not satisfied with your retirement plan, you can speak to our expert who will rework and provide a plan that suits your needs. By being totally honest and having in-depth conversations with our customers, we try to keep them happy. We discuss retirement planning choices and approaches in advance.

At the implementation stage, we explain why we made each recommendation. There are many ways to develop a retirement plan, but we take the time to develop the one that is best for you.

Knowing your retirement corpus is essential for planning ahead. Your retirement corpus refers to the amount you will need to cover your costs, maintain your lifestyle, and possibly pursue other goals after you retire. Begin by determining your current monthly expenses. Make a list of your monthly expenses, including housing, medical, entertainment, travel, EMI, and children’s school/tuition fees. In order to maintain your current lifestyle after you retire, you must calculate how much money you will need. Then add inflation to see what your current spending will be when you retire. This is the amount you’ll need to cover your post-retirement expenses.

In addition to helping you determine your asset allocation based on your risk profile, EldersWealth can help you select appropriate investment avenues within each asset class, manage your cash flow with discipline to invest, and maintain a regular review of your portfolio to ensure that you are on track to reach your financial goal.

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Prepare for retirement as soon as possible. You have several years under your belt and the power of compounding on your side. Those who have just started working may believe that retirement is far away. Planning for retirement at such a young age may seem excessive to some. You should, however, recognize that you have the luxury of time as a young adult. Early investment will allow you to build up the necessary corpus without putting too much pressure on yourself. It’s not too late to start thinking about retirement if you’re in your 30s. Working, earning, and saving for your golden years still has a long way to go. Nevertheless, distinguish between your necessities and wants with prudence.

You can get expert advice at EldersWealth on a variety of retirement planning topics:

  • Estimate retirement corpus
  • Calculate post-tax returns
  • Investment assessment
  • Profiling and managing risks
  • Investing strategy building
  • Periodic review and revision

In addition to offering holistic solutions to your retirement planning concerns, EldersWealth also offers individual services. EldersWealth.

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