Bonds - A Safer Haven for Your Money

Is Bond Investing the Right Way to Grow Your Corpus?

The Answer is YES

5 Reasons Why you Should Invest in Bonds

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You have worked hard to earn your wealth,
now let your wealth work harder for you!

Investing in bonds is therefore a wise move.

For generations, Indians have preferred to invest in fixed deposits. But interest rates have fallen to record lows ever since Covid struck. 

This fall in bank FD rates has made it difficult to meet the regular cash flow needs. Bonds typically have a higher coupon and yield better returns compared to Bank FDs.  

Are you someone who is open to a better way of investing? If yes, then bonds could just be the solution that you need. 

What are Bonds?

Bonds are fixed-income securities issued by borrowers such as governments and corporations to raise money from investors.

Why invest in Bonds

Bonds are versatile and offer multiple layers of safety!

Bonds are versatile and offer multiple layers of safety!

An excellent way to earn fixed returns that are 2 to 3% higher than FDs and ensure capital protection is to invest in bonds.

Bond returns are not subject to TDS.

Bond returns are not subject to TDS.


Additionally, bonds can generate regular cash flows, earn capital appreciation, and save long term capital gains tax


How do we ensure Bonds remain a Safe Investment

Our goal is to help you make wise financial decisions based on your investment priorities.

At EldersWealth, we look at the specific requirements of our clients, and recommend bonds based on issuer profiles and ratings – we have a robust system of checks and balances, identifying the right bonds for you.

Our Products Range


Secondary Market Bonds


Secured and Unsecured Bonds


Government Bonds


PSU Companies Bonds


Private Sector Bonds

Things to Know about
Bond Investments

The fixed rate that the bank pays annually.

Number of times interest is paid to the bondholder

The date when the bond issuer returns the principal amount to the bondholder.

Safety indicator

The profile of the issuer also plays a major role in deciding the right bond to invest in.  E.g.

Private Sector – Renowned & Stable companies like TATA Group, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra, HDFC, L&T, Bajaj, etc.

Public Sector – REC, PFC, NHAI, THDC, PSU Banks like SBI, Bank of Baroda, PNB, etc.

Consider investing in bonds through EldersWealth, India’s leading wealth management firm. 

With a cumulative industry experience of around 70 years across functions, FMCG, Banking, Broking Services, Wealth Management and Personal Finance Management, we are a prolific team and offer holistic solutions for happy & content second innings.

Corporate FDs

Unlike Bonds, in which the minimum ticket size is upwards of 10 lakhs, corporate FDs have no such size or stipulation. You can start as low as 10 thousand, which makes them an attractive proposition, although the returns may not be as high as bonds. Yet, they give better returns than bank deposits.

Why should you invest in Corporate FDs?

As compared to bank FDs, corporate FDs offer a higher interest rate, which has a significant impact on your corpus over time. Furthermore, corporate FDs offer flexibility in that depositors can choose the interest duration. To maximize returns and ensure capital safety, you should choose companies with a high credit rating.

Here are a few other benefits of investing in corporate FDs

Fixed Interest Rates

Fixed interest rates

Regular Income​

Regular Income​

Fixed Tenure​

Fixed Tenure​

Higher Rating​

Higher Rating​



Corporate Fixed Deposits (FDs) offered by EldersWealth cover a wide range of institutions, tenures and interest rates. Corporate FDs offer higher interest rates than traditional bank deposits, and senior citizens receive an additional 0.25 to 0.5%. 

In summary, those who are dissatisfied with low bank rates, must consider either bonds or corporate FDs depending on their requirements.

EldersWealth team has selected the best corporate FDs to meet your investment goals.

BAJAJ FINANCE LTD (0.25% extra for SC) FAAA  25000 M/Q/H/A  5.65% 6.40% 6.80% 6.80%
HDFC LTD (Limit : Upto 2 Crs) (0.25% extra for SC) FAAA / MAAA  20000 M/Q/H/A  5.45% 5.85% 6.10% 6.50%
HDFC LTD Premium Deposits (0.25% extra for SC) FAAA / MAAA  20000 M/Q/H/A  15M-5.70% 30M-6.00%  22M-5.95% 44M-6.35% 33M-6.25% 66M-6.70% NA
LIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD (0.25% Extra for SC) CRISIL-FAAA  10000 5.15% 5.65% 5.90% 6.00%
LIC HOUSING FINANCE LTD (0.25% Extra for SC) CRISIL-FAAA  200000 5.00% 5.35% 5.75% 5.85%
MMFSL – FIXED DEPOSIT - Max 1 Crore (0.25% Extra for SC) CRISIL-FAAA  10000 Cumulative  5.50% 6.00% 6.30% 6.45%
PNB HOUSING FINANCE LTD - Max 5 Crore (0.25% extra for SC) CRISIL-FAA+  20000 M/Q/H/A  5.75% 6.15% 6.60% 6.85%
SHRIRAM TRANSPORT FINANCE CO.LTD (0.30% extra for SC) FAAA/MAA+  10000 M/Q/H/A  6.50% 6.75% 7.50% 7.75%

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