Portfolio Management Services (PMS), is a customised portfolio service consisting a basket of securities such as stocks, bonds, fixed income, cash & structured products or other individual securities. These portfolios are created and managed by an expert who hand-picks securities that are suitable for meeting respective investor’s financial goals. Unlike mutual funds, here, the investor invests in individual securities and not in the pool of funds.

This investment avenue is most suitable for investors who are looking for customised investment portfolio management and personalised professional service/assistance. Those who are willing to spread their capital and risk across different asset classes can also invest in PMS.

There are several advantages of getting the portfolio managed by a professional as the fund manager works on mitigating the portfolio risk and generating wealth in the long term at the same time. He regularly monitors the entire portfolio and makes changes in the portfolio to optimise returns.

The fund manager of PMS provides periodic performance reporting to its investors in the form of regular statements and updates. These account statements will give them a clear and complete picture of individual securities held by them along with other elements.

EldersWealth helps you get one of the best portfolio management services in Bangalore. Our comprehensive solutions can help you understand your financial goals and invest in the right product mix. The manager saves you the hassle of administrative process.

The PMS services are usually categorised into three types, viz. discretionary where the Portfolio Manager takes all the investment decisions ; non-discretionary where choosing the investment product and timing of investment is completely up to the investor and the portfolio manager only gives investment suggestions and executes investor’s choices; whereas in advisory services, the choice, the time as well as the execution is solely derived by the investor.

Benefits of PMS


The investment portfolio is modified specifically to match with individual’s investment profile.


Reviewing and tracking the performance of PMS is relatively easier than mutual fund as there is more administrative hassle involved in case of mutual fund houses


The portfolio manager has complete freedom and flexibility to modify the portfolio if he thinks that your investments need to be rebalanced in the prevailing market conditions.


Experienced managers build your portfolio and timely review it throughout your investment journey.

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