Estate Planning

Beware Of Murky Dealings In Real Estate

In large majority of cases, it is the ‘greed’ of investors, which has lead them to invest in murky dealings in real estate assets, resulting in losing huge sums of money. Most of the time, entire life savings are lost in such dealings and many times, after losing the property, the burden of repaying long term loan, availed to acquire the asset has put the family of investors into hardships, no one can imagine.


Retirement Readiness

Retirement is when we go from a pay cheque to a ‘self-cheque’. In other words, retirement is that stage of life when an investment corpus (and not the individual) generates the income needed for carrying on in life. Ideally, we would want to retire from gainful employment only when an alternate source of income has been provided for. But is retirement readiness only about providing for these financial needs? Isn’t it much more than just managing the finances?