Prosperous golden years are founded primarily on three aspects: the trinity of wealth, health and time. EldersWealth being the best Financial Planner in Bangalore, endeavours to make this foundation stronger for you. We’ve partnered with multiple well-established service providers to offer you a wide range of products and services that can help you manage wealth, health and time most effectively. We hope that with this holistic experience, you can attain the ultimate goal – Financial Freedom.

Wealth Management Solutions

Investment Avenues

Make informed decisions about your hard-earned money. We will guide you to select a suitable investment option that can help you achieve your financial goals smoothly.

Mutual Funds
Corporate FDs
Alternative Investment Funds
Portfolio Management Service
Market linked debentures

 Wealth Management

Financial Planning

We will build a customised financial plan based on your current income & future expenses. A plan that enables you to sail through ups and downs in the financial journey of golden years.

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Wealth management is incomplete unless you’ve prepared for the uncertainties. Our insurance solutions can help you mitigate the unforeseen risks.

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Tax- planning

Keep the tax-liability at bay by availing our tax expert’s advice. We can help you manage your wealth in the most tax-efficient manner.

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Prepare for the dream retirement with the help of a comprehensive retirement plan. A tailor-made plan that can make your golden years as beautiful as you imagined.

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Real Estate / Mortgage

Our real estate partners can help you monetize your physical assets (Rent or Sell) to generate an additional stream of income to supplement your existing wealth.

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Estate Planning

Ensure everything that you’ve built and earned is passed on to your loved one in the most hassle-free way through legal estate planning.

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Our sister company, EldersIndia, offers a broad array of health care services such as doctor consultation, nursing care, dental care, vaccination, lab sample collection, counseling, etc. in the most convenient manner, at no premium cost.

Health Management

Time Management

Time Management

Recreational Services

Customized domestic/international tours packages by select service providers brought to you by EldersIndia, our other wing. These options are specially designed, bearing in mind the senior requirements.

Social Connect

Interact with like-minded people or participate in online/offline activities through Social Connect platform launched by EldersIndia. EldersIndia is an online platform offering customised solutions beyond wealth management. The program can help you experience an active and fulfilling ageing.

Income from free time

Monetise retirement time by recommending EldersWealth services to family and peers. Earn a reward for each recommendation and take one step closer to financial dependency and sustainability.

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