How Ready are you?

In the Middle of Life
It’s Time for a Pit Stop

A Time to Renew
and Refuel

How Ready are you for your
Post-Retirement life?

Did you know?

In India, 71% of the elderly work out of necessity.

While 33% have no retirement plans at all!!

*These are RBI and UN Population Fund statistics.

India’s Life Expectancy is going up and the 80+ population is growing at 5.5 times the average growth rate in this decade. However, the average age of retirement from work remains the same...

alternative income sources

...requiring one to find alternative sources of income for the increased number of years after retirement.

retirement funds or pension funds

Further, most Indians invest bulk of their savings in gold or real estate, which cannot be easily liquidated.

Therefore, they have to dig into their retirement or pension funds in case of an emergency.

Inflation, low to zero income and health-related expenses can wreak havoc on your retirement!

Planning and preparation without professional help can be frustrating!

Now, Ask yourself some questions

Do you have a plan for an inflation-adjusted regular income post-retirement?
Do you already have health insurance in place to take care of future medical expenses?
After retirement, do you think you will be able to maintain the same lifestyle without stress?
With inflation, the COST OF LIVING doubles every 10 to 12 years. Is your current investment plan aligned to meet your future expenses?
Do you know that five years of delay in starting your investments can lead to almost 50% lower maturity value? In fact, just one year of delay can cost you up to 15% of your corpus. Is your investment strategy future-proof?

This Pit Stop is the Right Time

To Reassess your Income, Portfolio and Future Plans.

And it takes ONLY a TRUSTED PARTNER to guide you.

Meet EldersWealth, A unique wealth management & services company

Providing personalised goal based financial and investment management services
Our offering is structured around three critical components of post-retirement life: Health, Wealth, & Time
Designed exclusively for post-retirement life
Developed by the same team that brought you EldersIndia - the most comprehensive platform to address the needs of elders

Now is a Good Time to Rethink - Priorities & Portfolios

As you prepare for the next phase, take a moment to evaluate your readiness.

Get the right advice NOW!

Get the right advice NOW!